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Resolve your IRS or state tax
debt for less than you owe

Tax relief is available to negotiate and settle your oustanding tax bills with the IRS or your local state government. Find the best tax relief solution for your situation.

Pay a fraction of your tax debts

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What is a tax relief?

Life happens, just like when we get behind on bills, it is also very easy to get behind on your tax bill as well.

The government offers programs for IRS Debt Forgiveness also known as tax relief. Under certain situations based on the amount of debt and how you accumulated it with the IRS, it can be drastically reduced.

To get the IRS to consider partially forgiving your tax debt, they look into your present financial condition and how you got into your current situation. Using a website like Debt Pioneer gets you on the right track to an affordable solution to help with tax relief.

When the IRS comes after you for owing taxes, you can accumulate very hefty penalties and interest, wage garnishment, tax levies, liens and more. Finding the right tax relief company can put a stop to all the phone calls, and help release all the levies and garnishments that can be put in place.

Fill out our fast and free form, and let Debt Pioneer help you get on the way to tax relief!

How It Works

Save money by settling your taxes

Choose the best debt relief solution for you and enroll with your service provider.

How does tax relief work?

By filling out a quick form on Debt Pioneer you get placed on the right track for a fast-affordable solution to help with your tax debt.

When coming up with a plan it varies for each individual. First thing that usually happens is a tax debt savings estimate, which helps you figure out how much your tax debt can be reduced and help you get on your way to tax relief.

After figuring out the Debt amount, a timeline is typically made to help resolve your tax debt, and come up with a low monthly payment that the IRS and individual can agree on to help resolve the debt.

Dealing with the IRS alone can be scary and stressful, finding an affordable solution not only helps relieve the stress and the harassment, but helps you get on track with a tax relief program and becoming debt free!

If you currently have penalties, wage garnishment, or are getting nonstop phone calls from the IRS, this all comes to a complete STOP.

More money in your pocket!


How much tax debt do you have?

Frequently asked questions
about Tax Relief

What is tax relief?

Tax relief is a way to help if you have past due tax bills or are struggling to pay your current tax bill. Our network of services providers can help you settle for a lower amount and come up with a payment plan that works for you.

Does tax relief effect your credit score?

Tax relief should not hurt your credit score. Our agents work directly with the IRS to come up with a plan to help you pay down your tax debt over an agreed upon term at one low monthly payment.

Does tax relief stop the IRS from calling?

Once you agree to work with Debt Pioneer for your tax relief needs, the IRS is going to stop those phone calls, and letters and you can pay your debt down hassle free!

Who is a candidate for tax relief?

Most people are candidates for the program. The best way to find out is fill out or free form or call one of our agents for more information

How much can I expect my tax bill to lower?

Depending on your situation tax bills can be lowered as much as 50 percent or more!

It’s fast & easy to find tax
settlement options with DebtPioneer.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Tell us about your tax debt

    Fill out our short & secure, online request form detailing your tax and income situation.

  2. See what you qualify for

    Based on your needs, we’ll connect you with a credible service provider to help you save money and pay off your taxes.

  3. Find financial freedom

    Get started on your path to financial freedom by resolving your outstanding taxes.

Get IRS tax relief now

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